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The VR Refiner is installed in the ventilation system of the gas stations so that it is possible to process all the gasoline fumes that are usually lost in the environment, turning them back into fuel that is returned to the tank for immediate resale.
Installation is fast, low cost and generates a profitable revenue stream from day one.
The new VR Refiner incorporates all the latest technical design improvements gained from years of successful business experience in a variety of geographical and environmental conditions around the world.
The system has proven reliability and is now even more efficient while reducing operating costs. The latest model is smaller, lighter and the quality of the materials ensures a minimum lifespan of 20 years.
System description

Both during the normal operation of the service station and during the collection process, the fumes are absorbed from the tank well and through the piping 3 , 4 and 5 are driven to the processing unit 1 .
The multi-phase processing unit has a much lower temperature than the VR 2 control unit, which has an advanced cooling system and advanced electronics
The fumes condense in the rear chamber and liquefy. Liquid fuel is stored at the base of the chamber, measured and returned to the tank via the fuel return line 9 for immediate resale.

Using the latest tracking system, all directly processed fuels can be measured and tracked through the FMT telemetry application accessible through the Fuel Management Technologies portal. Third-party tests have proven the effectiveness of the system, proving that you can immediately see the money you earn from the first day of installation.
Specifications & Benefits
An ecological investment that creates a profitable revenue stream. An easy system, with low installation and maintenance costs.
Dimensions & Technical Specifications