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FIBRELITE Aluminum Manhole Caps

Lightweight construction for easy and safe movement, without the need for force.
Used in courtyards all around the world
Ideal for access to sewer systems, underground pipes, sewerage networks, underground electrical junction boxes, water treatment plants and liquid fuel tanks.
All caps have a weight limit of C250
(25 tons)

Available Heavy Duty version D400
(40 tons)

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LAMPERTI Iron Manhole Caps

Assisted iron manhole covers, designed to fit perfectly on the ground, without protruding above it, meeting the requirements of standard EN 124/94
It can be installed in any high traffic area (streets, squares, schools, etc.) and is suitable for covering underground liquid fuel tanks.
The high quality design guarantees:
  • Very low noise operation (opening - closing or passing of a vehicle), due to the high quality and durability of the flange mounted on the frame.
  • Excellent resistance to water penetration
  • Lock the frame in the frame, with double locking system (optionally it can have a third system with coded key).
  • Spring at the base of the lid, adjusted with two bolts, which ensures uniform pressure of the two drive hinges.
  • Ability to install a special sensor on the frame, which connects to a warning system and notifies you when the lid is open.
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