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Seasons change, the gas stations are upgraded, their operation improves and you are obliged to follow, giving your money for the modernization of your gas station in the way they impose on you.
BOI BROS & CO OE, respecting its customers, took care of the moment when your next investment will finally save you money and at the same time will aesthetically improve the image of your gas station.
Emphasize the proper lighting of your space and take a step forward by creating a more competitive relationship in your industry!
Our company with the new LED equipment, specially made for gas stations does not leave your business in the dark and contributes to its every need, ensuring

check Economy
check Quality
check Aesthetics

LED Floodlights 60W-90W-120W-150W-180W-210W

with heat sinks & chimney arrangement to dissipate heat, with aesthetically beautiful but also functionally ergonomic design, with neutral 4500K & white 6000K color.

Indicative performance
Power Temperature Brightness
60W 4500K 7200LM
60W 6000K 9000LM
90W 4500K 10000LM
90W 6000K 13500LM
120W 4500K 14400LM
120W 6000K 18000LM